A Testimony of Provision 


On Sunday, Lesley shared about how God had provided for her in an amazing way this week.

Twelve years ago, Lesley moved to the UK from Zimbabwe, Africa. Amongst her belongings was an envelope with some US Dollars in it that she had been collecting for a few years as different people gave her gifts (foreign currency was very valuable in Zimbabwe at that time and was very difficult to come by as the country was in economic collapse).

Upon arriving to the UK the envelope was put on the top shelf of a cupboard and forgotten about.

In the past year or so, Lesley's elderly mother of 93 years has been deteriorating in health and longevity. A decision was made by the family to move her into a frail care home in order to help. Lesley has visited her mother on previous occasions, but as she lives in South Africa this makes it problematic and very expensive as an airfare needs to be bought each time she visits.

In recent weeks, relatives and health care professionals have advised Lesley that she should come and see her mother as soon as she is able to. As well as this, Lesley's mother is also due to move into the frail care facility within the next week or so. The one things preventing Lesley from going was being about to afford the airfare as she had only just visited 6 months ago. As a result she had been praying and asking God what she should do.

Last week, Lesley had a strong sense that she should tidy the top shelf of the cupboard. She really did not want to do it, but the feeling didn't go away and she felt she just had to do the job she had been putting off for ages. When she tidied the cupboard, she found the long forgotten envelope containing the money - just enough to pay for her airfare to go and visit her elderly mother.

A prayer answered and amazing financial provision! Thank you Jesus.