Jane's Journey to Baptism 

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Jane has always been interested in spiritual things. She spent 25 years involved in Buddhism, hoping that it would give her an enlightened experience - but it didn't. Twelve years ago when something happened in her life she picked up the phone to The King's Church. She went round Clive and Fiona's home where they prayed for her. She has always remembered the kindness shown to her on that occasion, even though she didn't quite know how to live as a Christian back then and was dealing with quite a lot of internal struggle.

So she was searching for something else apart from Buddhism and she had some Reiki work done on her feet. The lady told her that it was the best session she had ever had! 'My guide moved out of the way, and your guide came in'. She also had a vision of something to do with water like a waterfall - but neither of them know what it was about.

After that, Jane felt called to go to the Christian Bookshop in town where she met Maggie. She really listened and helped her. As soon as Maggie mentioned The King's Church Jane just knew that was where she had to be.

The moment she walked through the doors of the church it was like coming home. It was like she had found family - it was what the spiritual experience was meant to be. It was extraordinary.

Since then, over the past few months, Jane's relationship with Jesus has exploded. She is moving from strength to strength and learning so much about Jesus and herself. She tells us that her involvement with Buddhism is behind her now and all she wants to do is to follow Jesus.