Our Response to the Coronavirus


1. Respond in Faith, not Fear.

We are people of faith and do not need to live in fear of sickness, disease or even death. So please do not be afraid.  Trust Jesus with your life and with your loved ones.  Be prayerful at this time and learn to trust in Jesus. 

2. Be Wise 

We also need to be wise, not only to protect ourselves but also to protect those within our community who are more vulnerable.  The UK government has issued some health guidelines. So please do

  • wash your hands with soapy water regularly
  • use tissues and throw them in the bin afterwards
  • try not to touch your face with your hands

We are also changing a couple of things at church in order to be wise in this situation:

  • We will not be shaking hands or hugging (our welcome team will still make you feel very welcome!)
  • We will be changing the way we do communion for a while – using small individual single use cups (biodegradable) and pre-broken unleavened bread
  • Tea and coffee will not be self-service
  • Stricter rules will be in place around the bring and share fellowship meal

If gathering large crowds is banned in our area we will still ‘meet’ but will do so using the internet – our church has a YouTube Channel where we will be live streaming things such as the message and maybe even some worship songs on a Sunday. So please find out how to get to the church YouTube Channel.

Small group meetings will also continue through the use of things such as Facebook Messenger where we can ‘conference call’ each other and still have small group discussion and interaction.

3. Keep Connected 

It is important that we keep connected. Just because we may not be able to meet face-to-face doesn’t mean we should not meet at all. 

Pone another. Pray for one another. Make use of the Prayer Chain on our church website. Make sure you are signed up to the Barnabas Team to receive personal prayer support. 

Tell  others about your faith. In times of crisis people are often searching for answers and for hope. We have a sure hope in Jesus – tell someone about it.