The Wall of Answered Prayer needs your Testimonies 

the wallthe wall 

As a church we support The Wall of Answered Prayer. To find out exactly what this project is please visit their website

They are currently seeking 10,000 answered prayers in this time of crisis. What better way to spend our time at home than thinking about all that God has done for us and writing it down for all the world to see that Jesus is alive and moving in this world and our lives!

We would like to encourage you to please start writing down occasions where God has answered specific prayers in your life, even if the answer was no! You can write as many as you like, there is no limit (The Wall want as many as you can think of), they can be from your earliest memories to something that happened today, and about a big things or seemingly small.

We all have experience of God moving in our lives so lets spend this time when we could be worrying, instead focusing on who God is and what he has done.

You can either send your answered prayers to or send them to The Wall directly through their website.