Get Ready for our Live Stream on YouTube 


In an effort to improve our Church Online live stream we are going to be moving our live stream directly onto YouTube as of Sunday 9th August 2020.

This will improve things by:

  • having the live chat in the same place as the video (no need to 'refresh' the screen)
  • having ONE single video, no more clicking about and getting lost or left behind
  • better sound and video quality
  • compatible with all devices (and you will only need one device to participate fully in the service)

What to do in advance of the change

To be ready for the change, so that you are able to continue to join in with the Live Chat and to help you find the Live Stream video more easily please do the following:

  • Check that you are logged in to YouTube / have a YouTube account (you can't comment without one).
  • Subscribe to The King's Church Wisbech YouTube Channel
  • Learn how to use the Live Chat

If you need someone to help you to get things ready in advance of the launch on Sunday 9th August, please do ask. 

Finding it

You can find the new live stream in the same way as before, by clicking on 'Church Online' on our website and then clicking on 'Live Stream' - the difference will be that you will now end up on The King's Church Wisbech YouTube Channel page instead of on our old Live Stream page.

Alternatively you can type our special web address in the URL of your browser: and that will take you straight to our church YouTube Channel Page.

A link will also be included in the church newsletter email as normal.