Worship With Me - every Friday morning 


All through lockdown Matt has been streaming live encouragements, Bible Studies and sung worship on YouTube and then on Facebook. Initially these were daily. After a few months, and as the lockdown situation improved a little, this transitioned to being 3 times a week.

Now as Matt's children return to school next week and as things are getting back to as close to 'normal' as possible, Matt is unable to sustain the regularity of these live streams, however, he is eager for them not to come to an end.

So, the live stream will now be happening once a week on a Friday morning at 9am on his 'Matt McChlery Ministries'  Facebook Page. The time may change in due course, but for now it will be at 9am. It will be a time of praying together and for each other (using the live chat function), singing worship songs and also a short Bible reflection.

Even if you have never joined in before, you are more than welcome to join in.

Help to spread the word and invite your friends to join in too.