Prayer Retreat Report 

Five of us from the church met at Gooderstone Water Gardens on Saturday to enjoy the beautiful scenery, marvel at God's creation, and listen to what God was saying to us and to the church.  The gardens were very lovely in the late summer sunshine, and there were lots of spots to sit and listen to the sounds, smell the fresh vegetation and look at the glories of the trees, the flowers, the lakes and weirs. Here are some of the thoughts and words that came to us:

Firstly, God delights in gardens - there are many gardens mentioned in the Bible, and Jesus enjoyed time in contemplation in gardens.

Secondly, we are reminded in Philippians to 'forget what is behind, straining forward to what lies ahead to gain the goal which is the prize'.

Thirdly, we need to see as God sees - the trees have been here for hundreds or thousands of years, and we need to focus less on our immediate circumstances but ask God to enlarge our vision.  

Gooderstone Water Gardens is near Oxborough (45 minutes away) and it is open all year.  We were all very impressed by how safe and well organised it was, so we all would recommend it as a place you might like to visit to find peace and quiet.

 - Sue Butler

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