Some Writing from Harriet 

Remember! We have an Anchor - Life Unlocks the Locked Down

Today 'Tod' all on my own 'ay' yes on my own. Yet we are not alone or do not need to feel lonely. The Captain of the ship of life. Master of the stormy seas. The king a piece of measure made. The anchor in life's storm. The rules we must face one day before his judgement throne. He knows our thoughts, words, actions and waits for us all an Autumn choice for us to pick him; or 'leaf' him! God gave us a voice. To invite him into our life, or reject him. Is it now too late to change the way we are living our lives? Are we too busy? Too Tired? Or don't we care? Postponing the saviour our truest friend. 


Side Stepping (A Testimony from Harriet)
Left. Right. Left. Right.
Forwards March!
Or side to side, side stepping.

Which way are we walking?

Have we chosen to march? Left. Right. Feet moving forwards? Keeping a direction and not side stepping off from our first directions we were marching. Forwards. Not side stepping.

There are lots of crosses.

A cross of facial expressions due to sorrow or anger brought on by a crossroad in our lives. At the crossroads we do not know where we can get help from.

Mental health is basically an inability to cope with life in a rational and serene way. The direction is lost to us. Our brain activity is either moving rapidly , slowing down or a mixture and never at the same time every day.

Another cross is the one we put inside a greeting card for those we love. Remember the cross where God's son, Jesus Christ, was hung. The cruel nails through his hands and feet. The blood pouring out for you and me.
Jesus died for all the world. For all who turn to God will know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and the saviour of the world.

I side stepped quite badly due to my inability to stop feeling sorry for myself and rapid brain activity. So fast my brain's thoughts and too fast for me to write down either. Tires out decision making for me and nothing can be clear to understand or to do especially in everyday things. Normal function is slowing down so everything that once I found easy to do has decreased in my ability. Most is noticeable in household tasks which are done whenever I am able to do them. Otherwise these are postponed and put off for another time or do not get done at all.