Armenian Ministries Newsletter: Winter 2020/21 

The current situation in Armenia is very bleak:

  • Coronavirus has played its part in bringing illness, death and economic crisis but the war has rocked the very foundations of the country.
  • Many families have either lost their breadwinners or they have returned injured.
  • Sadness and trauma has touched every household in Armenia
  • The current political situation is very volatile and uncertain, they're is no stability apart from rising food and fuel prices and less availability of jobs.
The people are in need of help and hope. Please pray for God's provision and God's love and eternal hope to shine out of the work of Armenian Ministries.

What has Armenian Ministries been doing?
  • Armenian Ministries has been continuing to hand out aid in all the normal ways - house rent, medical assistance, food parcels, firewood and assistance with heating bill, clothes, bedding and shoes - but the volume of people they are helping and the nature and urgency of the need has changed completely. 
  • Two containers were sent out in the second half of 2020 which is more than normal.
  • Conversations have reduced greatly because of the Coronavirus and so tracts and leaflets have been translated, printed and handed out, not only to civilians but also to soldiers.
  • There have been funds to print particularly good quality book of illustrated Bible stories for children.
  • Translated Bibles and Golden Thoughts calendars have also been given out. 
  • Please pray that this literature will find its way into the hands of people who will read them and learn of God's love for them.
  • They are currently only able to run their Bible clubs on Zoom and many children do not have access.
  • Please pray that the clubs will be able to resume as normal soon, and in particular that the summer camps this year will not be hindered.
  • In Armenian Ministries there is currently a focus on children, they have experienced so much suffering and horrors over the past year. We cannot bring back the lost or change their circumstances but we can bring them some comfort and cheer and listen to their hearts; we cannot heal their hearts but we can point them to the One who can. There is a plan to reach as many of the young people in contact with the organisation as possible with a specific gift of sweet treats or a toy. Each gift will be accompanied by an illustrated children's Bible storybook as well as other colourful books and leaflets for children.
  • Please pray that these gifts reach the hurting little ones who need them and that through these books they will hear of the Saviour who loves them. We want them to grow up and say "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so."
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