Armenian Ministries Newsletter Spring 21 

Desperate poverty has always been the main problem facing those in Armenia but since the war last year the situation has escalated beyond anything previously faced. The need is so overwhelming and so much more than we can cope with, and everything that has been accomplished has been by God and through God. He has provided strength, comfort and grace through the heartbreak. Thank you precious friends and readers, for sharing our burden - the burden to make the Lord Jesus known and to share His gospel to the hurting and the poor. Thank you for your prayers , your support, your donations and your encouragement.  

Coronavirus has had a huge toll in Armenia. Most of the people we know, and almost every member of our charity team has had the virus, most of them quite seriously. The children's clubs which had started had to stop again when all the children's team became ill, but now they have restarted. However we have not been able to start the clubs in the villages as the mayors have told us that the coronavirus is rife in their villages and even the schools are shut. We must wait patiently for God's timing. The church fellowship which gathers in our charity building is still meeting, so God's Word is still being delivered at a time when the need is simply so enormous. 

We praise God that in this hour of need we have been enabled to write, translate and print Christian literature, to hand out with the aid that goes out from the office. A number of tracts have been produced, these are evangelistic and highly relevant for the current situation in Armenia. These are all given to individuals as well as to local pastors who are taking them to hand out to refugees in their villages. 

We are not yet sure what we will be able to do during this summer. We are unsure as to whether we will be able to host residential summer camps or day camps. We would ask that you would pray with us that God will guide us very clearly and show us His will over these very difficult days and decisions.

It was with huge joy that we were able to send another forty foot container of aid to Armenia earlier in April. Please pray for its safe arrival and swift release from customs. We are so incredibly grateful to everyone for the help that has poured in towards the aid containers - financially, with items of aid, with knitwear etc., for the drivers and packers - we are grateful for everything. We cannot emphasise to you, our dear supporters, how useful these contributions are. 

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