Changes at Church after 19th July 2021

From 19th July 2021 there will be no requirement for advanced booking to attend church, nor will there be mandatory requirements for mask wearing or social distancing – and yes, refreshments and singing are back!

However, we are very conscious that we still need to be vigilant and do our best to keep everyone safe. To this end, we will still be seated around tables for the time being. If you wish to still sit on chairs around the edge of the room you may do so. Hand sanitiser will also be available. If you wish to wear a mask, that is absolutely fine, and we will also have some masks available for your use. 

Please note that Track and Trace is still in place, so everyone will be required to write their name and give their phone number on the Track and Trace register as they enter the building. The code for the NHS app will also still be available and we encourage everyone to scan it.

We understand that people will be at different places with regard to how comfortable they will be feeling to mix with others. To help facilitate this, we have some colour coded lanyard necklaces available. These will help you to indicate your choices to others without having to explain things 100 times.

  • The yellow lanyard means I’M OK WITH TALKING BUT NO TOUCHING PLEASE.
  • And if someone is not wearing a lanyard at all it means I AM OK WITH CHATS, HANDSHAKES, HI-FIVES AND HUGS.

These lanyards will be available as you enter the building on Sunday 25th July 2021 onwards.

For those who may need to isolate during this time, we will continue to put recordings of the sermons on our website and YouTube Channel. Please also make use of the Barnabas Team where someone will contact you regularly to pray for you – If you have not yet signed up for the Barnabas Team, please ask at the Welcome Table near the front entrance for more information or email us.