Armenian Ministries Newsletter Autumn 2021 (Summary)armenian minstries 

Preparations for winter are well underway and there has been a rush of people applying for help with clothes and bedding. We praise God that the latest container from the UK was safely unloaded mid-October into our headquarters and our warehouse is once again full of useful items to hand out to the poor. There is much need right now for bedding, coats, winter shoes, warm jumpers and so on. Due to the quantity of wounded men we have also continual applications of help for men's clothing, wheelchairs, walking aids and incontinence pads. The need is enormous but we are so grateful that we are being enabled to help many of these people.  

We have had a visitor from England with us who has been a great encouragement and help.

We currently have a Sunday worship service, ladies meeting and mid-week bible study group. The children's weekly bible clubs restarted after the break for summer camps and even though the temperatures in the villages are steadily decreasing, they are as yet able to continue. Sadly, our village venues are all unheated so depending on the severity of the winter they will have to stop soon. The bible clubs are well attended and for this we are very grateful. The children have all had to endure sad news and stressed parents throughout the last year and it is an honour to be able to gather together, sing with them and teach them God's word. We have had a couple of special days of children's work, with teaching, fun and treats. 

Dear friends, we want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love, care and attention that you have given to the people of Armenia. Thank you for your support and kind words, thank you to our anonymous donors, thank you too to everyone who collects and transports good, knits items, donates or pack items for the container. Your work is invaluable and highly appreciates and your prayers mean more to us than we can say. One of us cannot do anything in the face of such an ocean of need, but all of us working as a team together - in God's strength and by His grace - can make a difference to people's lives. That is our aim and we are honoured that you share that aim with us. Thank you - Michael & Perouz Harrison.

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