Next Steps 

We recognise that we are all at different places on our journey in our relationship with Jesus (and some may not have started yet - click here to find out about who Jesus is). However, it is important to be willing to grow and mature in our faith. 

We have put together a series of 'Next Steps' we encourage you to take in order to help you progress in your relationship with Jesus. These form our 'Growth Path' that will guide you to find a place to belong and take the next step into God's purpose for your life.

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Where are you on your journey?
The Growth Path is made up of four steps
Step 1: Connect
Understand our values and find your place at The King’s Church, Wisbech

Step 2: Foundations
An essential step in learning more about Jesus and understanding what it means to follow Him

Step 3: Build
Build strong and healthy relationships with others in the church

Step 4: Grow
Nurture and grow your personal relationship with God

Step 5: Serve
Deepen your discipleship and your gifts by taking opportunities to serve our church as well as our local community through outreach as well as everyday interactions.