This is STEP 3 of our Growth Path.


We see building relationships between each other as a vital part of our vision of helping everyone become mature in Christ. As we share life together and support each other, encouraging each other in the development of our faith, we grow.

At this step, you are encouraged to join a small group. There are a variety of small groups on offer that meet about once every 2 weeks including:

  • Bible Study
  • Games Group
  • Prayer Group
  • Messy Group
  • Writers Group
  • we are always open to creating new groups if their is a need and interest
If you would like to know more about our small groups, please contact us.

Mutual Care

Another part of building relationships is mutual care. We all look out for each other and offer help and friendship to one another. However if you are wanting a more formal arrangement where you are either asking for extra support or offering to give it, we have the Barnabas Team.

The way the Barnabas Team works is that two people are paired up together, one to give the support and the other to receive it. The contact is limited to no more than once a week and no less than once a month and may consist of a phone call, email, text or face to face chat where they asks how you are doing and offer prayer. Nothing more.

If you would like to give or receive support in this way, please contact us or speak to one of the mutual care Deacons.

If you feel more support is required, please speak to a Deacon and we will try our best to arrange this for you.