Worship Space 

worship space 

Worship Space is an opportunity to worship Jesus in a variety of different ways. Sometimes on a Sunday morning we have so much happening in our Sunday Celebration that we only get small snatches of time to worship God through music and singing. However we do value prolonged times of communal worship together as we recognise that this is one of the ways we can deepen our relationship with Jesus, which is one of the three pillars of our church vision.

The aim is to have an hour and a half, roughly every six weeks, of time to meet together to worship God corporately. Of course it is possible to worship by ourselves but we recognise that meeting together is special.

We understand that everyone worships Jesus in different ways and the whole of our lives are acts of worship. We therefore want to make this time varied. This means that at present there is no set time of day for Worship Space. It is chosen on a weekend and can be any time in that weekend (please check our Church Calendar to see when the next Worship Space is).

Each Worship Space is different. They are not all about singing, although this may be the focus of many of them. We hope to encourage worship through things such as silence, arts, creativity, gifts of the Holy Spirit - such as prophecy or tongues. There are also opportunities for prayer, noise, healing etc. This also means that whilst there may be a nominated leader their role is to 'facilitate' the meeting - leaving things open for a variety of people to contribute and go where the Spirit is leading. We want people to engage as much as possible and so we welcome words, song suggestions etc. as the Holy Spirit leads each meeting.

We hope to see you at our next Worship Space.