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(This page is being constantly updated)

Latest Updates


9th March 2022

With all restrictions now being lifted across the UK, we are no longer insisting upon them in church meetings.

You are welcome to continue to wear a mask and practise social distancing if you wish, however it will not be expected of others. We are continuing to provide hand sanitiser and face coverings. We are also continuing to sit around tables to help give a bit more distance between seats. 

Our lanyard system (see below) to help you indicate your personal level of social distancing to others is still in place for the time being.

20th January 2022

The UK Government have just announced that the 'Plan B' restrictions that we have been adhering to for the past couple of months are to stop on Thursday 27th January 2022. This means that face coverings and social distancing will no longer be legal requirements when we meet together. Face coverings will once again become optional - those who wish to continue to wear them may do so, and the lanyard system (Red, Yellow or None) will remain in place to help you to indicate your preferences with regard to social distancing when at church.

For the time being we will continue to sit around tables, which provides some social distancing, and those who wish to continue to sit separately can also continue to do so.

Hand sanitiser will continue to be provided.

10th December 2021


You might have heard the recent government announcement about rules around face coverings and indoor public spaces such as community centres where we meet for Church and Messy Church. In response to this we are encouraging everyone who is able to please wear a face covering when meeting with us indoors at the moment. Exemptions such as medical conditions and if you are 11 years or younger, still apply. Masks can be removed if you are taking part in the event at the front, when singing, eating, drinking and dancing. The good news is we can still meet together – and we can’t wait to see you at one of our Christmas events. For more information about these please visit our website Thank you.

2nd December 2021

We are watching the government updates with regard to the new Omnicron variant of Covid-19 that has recently been identified. At present we are continuing with in-person meetings and are encouraging the use of hand sanitiser and mask wearing (although at present this remains optional under current rules). Social distancing around table groups continues. If you wish to be seated a further distance away from others around the edge of the room, this is fine and can be accommodated.

16th July 2021

From 19th July 2021 there will be no requirement for advanced booking to attend church, nor will there be mandatory requirements for mask wearing or social distancing – and yes, refreshments and singing are back!

However, we are very conscious that we still need to be vigilant and do our best to keep everyone safe. To this end, we will still be seated around tables for the time being. If you wish to still sit on chairs around the edge of the room you may do so. Hand sanitiser will also be available. If you wish to wear a mask, that is absolutely fine, and we will also have some masks available for your use. 

Please note that Track and Trace is still in place, so everyone will be required to write their name and give their phone number on the Track and Trace register as they enter the building. The code for the NHS app will also still be available and we encourage everyone to scan it.

We understand that people will be at different places with regard to how comfortable they will be feeling to mix with others. To help facilitate this, we have some colour coded lanyard necklaces available. These will help you to indicate your choices to others without having to explain things 100 times.

  • The yellow lanyard means I’M OK WITH TALKING BUT NO TOUCHING PLEASE.
  • And if someone is not wearing a lanyard at all it means I AM OK WITH CHATS, HANDSHAKES, HI-FIVES AND HUGS.

These lanyards will be available as you enter the building on Sunday 25th July 2021 onwards.

For those who may need to isolate during this time, we will continue to put recordings of the sermons on our website and YouTube Channel. Please also make use of the Barnabas Team where someone will contact you regularly to pray for you – If you have not yet signed up for the Barnabas Team, please ask at the Welcome Table near the front entrance for more information or email us.

8th July 2021

As the government has recently announced that social distancing rules and mask wearing will be ending on 19th July 2021, as well as congregational singing in churches can return - our first service back is going to be a big celebration!

On Sunday 25th July, we are going to be having our big Welcome Back Celebration. We will also be dedicating Elijah in this service and will be providing light snacks, hot drinks and cake afterwards. Do come along. 10am, Queen Mary Centre Wisbech.

Starting Sunday 1st August 2021, we will be starting our new service structure, which will be one service for everyone. The Bible teaching, children's work and refreshment time will all be included within the body of the meeting. More detail can be found on our 'Sunday Celebration' page.

11th May 2021

We are starting Socially Distanced Church again on Sunday 23rd May 2021. 

This will be at the earlier time of 10am at the Queen Mary Centre in Wisbech.

You will need to book your seat in advance and adhere to social distancing regulations within the building and will be required to wear a face covering. We will also be recording who is at the event for Track and Trace.

Please book by the Wednesday evening BEFORE the Sunday you wish to attend by emailing us: or by leaving a message on 01945 467413.

We can't wait to see you again!

26th December 2020

Our area has just entered Tier 4.

Although places of worship are allowed to continue to operate in Tier 4 within very strict guidelines, we have taken the decision that we will not be holding in person meetings or services when in Tier 4.

We will however, continue our live stream on both Friday evening and Sunday morning.

We will continue to review this as time goes by.
Tier 4

10th November 2020

We are now in the second lockdown in England. As such, we are not allowed to have gathered worship in-person.

Church on Sunday will continue online at 10:30am.
This will include a sermon, songs and interactive prayer.

Our Friday evening live stream at 7:30pm will also continue, but we will be doing something different.
Called 'Friday Conversations' we will be having a discussion in the studio, which we encourage all watching to join in with through the live chat comments. We will be starting with a conversation series based on The Lord's Prayer.

Messy Church that was scheduled to happen on Saturday will now be an online event. 

30th September 2020

Church Online has now moved to Fridays at 7:30pm

24th September 2020

We are living in unprecedented times and we need to follow the Covid-19 rules and regulations to keep everyone safe. We need to rely upon one another to show due care and consideration for each other by keeping to the rules. 
We would love to have church ‘the way it was’, but this is not possible right now. Your help and cooperation to enable to meet in person is most appreciated. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Please observe social distancing at all times
  • No hugging, shaking hands etc.
  • If you have any of the Covid-19 symptoms - do NOT come to church (even if you have already pre-booked)
  • Seating allocation is arranged to ensure social distancing between household groups
  • Please note, you can have socially distanced conversation with those seated around your table group that will be no bigger than 6 people, but you are discouraged from interacting with those seated at other table groups. In order to comply with current rules, we are not facilitating socialising at our in-person services at this present time.
  • Extra care will be taken with the seating arrangements of those who are exempt from wearing a mask
  • Seating and touch points have all been cleaned before the venue is opened to the congregation
  • Toilets are operating on a one-in-one-out basis. Someone will be stationed by the double doors at the back of the Main Hall and will let you know if you are free to enter the toilets, or if you must wait.
  • You will need to sanitise your hands again before re entering the Main Hall after using the toilet
Before Sunday
  • Pre-Book via email ( or phone (01945 467413 – and leave a message)
  • Cut-off date is the Wednesday evening before the Sunday you are booking for
  • Confirmation of your booking will be sent to you on Thursday
  • The doors will be closed until about 10 minutes before the service is due to begin
  • Please wait in an orderly, socially distanced queue outside the venue whilst the Welcome Team admits one household group at a time
  • Everyone over the age of 11 years old will need to wear a face covering throughout the service
  • If you forget your face covering, you can purchase one for £1
  • Wearing of a face covering will be checked upon arrival and you will be refused entry if you do not have one (or have not notified us in advance of an exemption)
  • You will be asked to use hand sanitiser upon arrival
  • Please remain in your allocated seating area throughout the service
  • There is not tea and coffee provided – if you would like a drink, please bring one from home.
The Service
  • The service will be led by a service-leader from the front. They will use a microphone as raised voices from anyone in the room is not allowed – however this means that no one else can use that microphone
  • There will be a shorter sermon than usual - using a different, head-set / clip-on microphone
  • The service leader and the preacher will be up on the stage as this helps us to use the maximum amount of space on the floor to fit as many groups into the service as possible with the social distancing measures in place
  • According to the government guidelines, whilst preaching or leading a service, you are exempt from wearing a face covering
  • Unfortunately, there will be no band and no singing - however we will try to find other, creative ways of worshipping together in a socially distanced way
  • You will not be able to come up to the front to share news, prayers etc – however interaction is a vital part of our worship together, so you will be able to either write down contributions on paper provided (which will be collected from you), or alternatively you will be able to use your phone to text in your contributions to a special number that we will give you during the service – these will then be read out by the person leading the service
  • Communion – the church will provide the communion elements. Individual disposable cups as well as wrapped crackers will be place on your table before the service begins. Households can share crackers, but please do not share food or drink with those not within your household. These will be prepared in a Covid-Secure way
  • Tithes, Offerings and Donations – you are encouraged to use the website to make any donations. However, we will still take cash. You will find an envelope in your seating area where you can place your cash donation. Simply leave it on your seat at the end of the service and it will be collected safely and quarantined for 72 hours before being counted and banked
  • Children – Parents please keep children within your household’s designated seating area. We are unable to provide any toys at present, please can you bring your own from home. We will try to have elements in the service that all age groups can engage with, but please can you also have something to hand for those parts of the service that do not particularly interest your child
  • The service leader will call out seating areas, one at a time, to help control the departure from the building to help ensure social distancing
  • Please do not congregate outside the building after the service

24th September 2020

We will have a QR Code to make use of the NHS Covid-19 track-and-trace app available for you to scan whenever you attend a Sunday service. Please download the app and then scan the code upon arrival.

22nd September 2020

Socially Distanced Church

We are staring out in-person Sunday services again on Sunday 4th October 2020, at 10:30am in the Queen Mary Centre, Wisbech.

Pre-Booking Information

We have had to limit our capacity to be able to comply with social distancing within the Queen Mary Centre.
In order to help with seating layout as well as the preparation of any materials that may be needed during the service, we need to ask you to pre-book each week. We also need to have contact details on our database for everyone attending to help us comply with Track-and-Trace.


Our capacity within the Queen Mary Centre is limited
We will be seating you in socially distanced groups around tables using the 1m+ rule. These table groups will be no larger than 6 people to comply with the ‘Rule of 6’.
Each table group will be socially distanced from other table groups
Interaction between different table groups is discouraged
What about the Rule of 6? – Doesn’t it mean the congregation can’t be bigger than 6 people? No - This applies to social gatherings. Church is an ‘Act of Worship’, not a social gathering. Church is a Regular Worship event and these are limited by the size of the venue and its capacity for social distancing to be in place within it. Please be aware that we are not facilitating socialising at our in-person services at present.
What about the ‘no more than 30’ rule? – This applies to life-cycle events such as weddings, funerals and baptisms that happen outside of a regular worship event. Regular Worship events are limited by the size of the venue and its capacity for social distancing to be in place within it.

How to Book

Via email ( or phone (01945 467413 – and leave a message)
Information needed: 
o names of all hoping to attend
o up-to-date phone number
o if you are exempt from wearing face covering
Cut-off date is the Wednesday evening before the Sunday you are booking for
Confirmation of your booking will be sent to you on Thursday


Upon arrival your attendance will be recorded on the Track-and-Trace register by a member of the Welcome Team
You will also be told which seating area has been allocated to you
Please remain in this seating area throughout the service
Government advice for those 70 years and over:
  • Certain groups of people may be at increased risk of severe disease from COVID-19, including people who are aged 70 or older, regardless of medical conditions.
  • Individuals who fall within this group are advised to stay at home as much as possible and, if they do go out, to take particular care to minimise contact with others outside of their household.

11th September 2020

What About the New Rules that only allow for social gatherings of no more than 6 people?

We have sought clarity on this and the government have confirmed that the new rules apply to social gatherings - church is an act of worship (not a social gathering) so can still go ahead.

To read more about this click here to read an article on the Evangelical Alliance Website.

10th September 2020

We have good news.....We are working hard to make it possible for us to meet together again in person in early October.

Verity will be emailing out a quick survey this week to those who are subscribed to our newsletter mailing list - please can you complete this.

We will be together again, but in order to keep everyone safe in this Covid-19 pandemic there will be strict rules and guidelines in place that everyone will need to follow.

This will mean that church will be VERY different to how it normally is.

We will be publishing more details about how this will all happen in the coming weeks.

Please Note: the 'Church Online' live stream will continue even when we are meeting in person again.

See you soon! 

9th August 2020 - A change to our Live Stream

30th July 2020 - Overseers in Discussions

Our leadership team is currently in discussion about the best way we can open up face-to-face meetings in some form given the current government guidelines and restrictions.

Please can you pray that they will hear from God, pray for wisdom and common sense.

We will keep you updated.

18th March 2020 - A message from the Overseers

No meetings but still working

Following advice from the Government and in line with other sectors of society The King’s Church will not be holding public meetings and events until further notice. We will still be church together but in different ways.

This means that in respect of those gatherings coming under the covering of the church we have stopped all those regular activities where people have been invited to come together in a building – public or private – such meetings are suspended i.e. Sunday services, Messy Church, After Hours, training groups, prayer meetings etc.

Independent of our decision the management of The Queen Mary Centre has decided to close that venue until the crises is past.
We can still function as The King’s Church and listed here are the ways we would encourage everyone to be involved.

  • On Sundays there will be live streaming of teaching, music, prayer testimony and fellowship news.

  • Mutual support through the Barnabas Team – giving regular contact and prayerful support.

  • The King’s Church Prayer Chain. Share your concerns and testimony to answered prayer.

  • Phone calls and e-mails – maintain relationships make new contacts.

We have said from the beginning that our identity is not in a church building – the church is people – here is a great opportunity to demonstrate that together.

We will endeavor to circulate all the information you need. This will be on our website or through letters and phone calls.

If you are involved in any project that supports your local community through these weeks please let us know so that we can see and celebrate the good that emerges in challenging times.

The Overseers of The King’s Church Wisbech

18th. March 2020

If there is anything we can do to help, please email us at 


Our Response to the Coronavirus


1. Respond in Faith, not Fear.

We are people of faith and do not need to live in fear of sickness, disease or even death. So please do not be afraid.  Trust Jesus with your life and with your loved ones.  Be prayerful at this time and learn to trust in Jesus. 

2. Be Wise 

We also need to be wise, not only to protect ourselves but also to protect those within our community who are more vulnerable.  The UK government has issued some health guidelines. So please do

  • wash your hands with soapy water regularly
  • use tissues and throw them in the bin afterwards
  • try not to touch your face with your hands

We are also changing a couple of things at church in order to be wise in this situation:

  • We will not be shaking hands or hugging (our welcome team will still make you feel very welcome!)
  • We will be changing the way we do communion for a while – using small individual single use cups (biodegradable) and pre-broken unleavened bread
  • Tea and coffee will not be self-service
  • Stricter rules will be in place around the bring and share fellowship meal

If gathering large crowds is banned in our area we will still ‘meet’ but will do so using the internet – our church has a YouTube Channel where we will be live streaming things such as the message and maybe even some worship songs on a Sunday. So please find out how to get to the church YouTube Channel.

Small group meetings will also continue through the use of things such as Facebook Messenger where we can ‘conference call’ each other and still have small group discussion and interaction.

3. Keep Connected 

It is important that we keep connected. Just because we may not be able to meet face-to-face doesn’t mean we should not meet at all. 

Pone another. Pray for one another. Make use of the Prayer Chain on our church website. Make sure you are signed up to the Barnabas Team to receive personal prayer support. 

Tell  others about your faith. In times of crisis people are often searching for answers and for hope. We have a sure hope in Jesus – tell someone about it.