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Sunday 31st May 2020

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10:30am - Welcome and Notices


10:45am - Sung Worship Videos

Sung Worship video #1


Sung worship video #2


Sung Worship video #3

11:00am - Bible Teaching


11:20am - Interactive Prayer




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Verity (Guest) 31/05/2020 11:30
I've put a prayer request.
James Hall 31/05/2020 11:31
Please pray for Freyja who is in pain with her right hip. She may need treatment on it once lockdown is over.
Jane Gathercole 31/05/2020 11:33
Father God, please heal Elijah and comfort Verity and Matt. Lord, we entrust him into your mighty hands.
James Hall 31/05/2020 11:33
Oh how awful! We will be praying for Elijah, Anna, Lorraines daughter and Freyja
James Hall 31/05/2020 11:34
Lord, we lift little Elijah to you. Please heal him and make what is not right now better soon. We entrust him to you Lord
Jane Gathercole 31/05/2020 11:40
Thank you everyone. So encouraged to be with you all and looking forward to that BBQ!
Maddy (Guest) 31/05/2020 11:43
Thanks Matt thinking of you both with Elijah problem
Noris and Don (Guest) 31/05/2020 11:45
Thank you for this morning, really helps us we pray for Elijah and through the grace of God he will get better God bless
James Hall 31/05/2020 14:38
This may sound slightly odd, but I was encouraged by a head of lettuce. In our garden, we have a vegetable plot, and when we cut off a head of lettuce to eat, it will regrow. This shows me while necessary sacrifices must be made, God will make things better, through regrowth in that situation
Andy Mcadden 31/05/2020 16:03
Big church BBQ when all over

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