What we Believe

We believe in living out our Christian faith as effectively as possible, making an impact with those who do not know the great news about Jesus Christ.

Everyone needs a new start in life by having God as their Father, Jesus as their Saviour and the Holy Spirit as their helper.

bible in field compressedAs a church we believe …

  • There is one true God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • God in love created, rules and maintains the world.

  • The Bible was written under God's inspiration and we can rely on the truth it teaches.
  • People are precious to God, even though sin has marred all of our lives.
  • Jesus is both fully God and fully man.
  • When Jesus died on the cross he gave his life to pay the cost for our sin.
  • Jesus bodily came back to life and eventually went back to be with God in heaven.He lives for ever, giving help to those who believe in Him, which also means life that goes on for ever, eventually with a wonderful resurrected new body.
  • woman and bible compressedJesus is the only person who can bring us into complete relationship with God.
  • The Holy Spirit is God who brings us to faith and gives the ability to live as a Christian.
  • The church is the community of believers, both local and universal. God lives with His people and enjoys their company and receives their worship. The church is used by God to do His work.
  • Jesus will return to earth from heaven, he will be the judge of everyone, separating the lost and the saved. He will bring justice and peace and create a new heaven and a new earth.
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