Messy Church at Home 

messy at home 

'Messy Easter!'

Saturday 17th April 2021
Time: Whenever you like!

Venue: At your house



Welcome to Messy Church at Home. 

How to Use this Page

  • Remember, Messy Church is for ALL AGES so do the activities together as a family and get involved in exploring the theme by discussing the ‘Talk About’ points.
  • Click on the videos to watch the craft demonstrations and the celebration message and songs.
  • We would love for you to send in photos of you taking part in this Messy Church at Home – please email them to and we will put them up on our church website, Instagram and Facebook.


Here are ideas to explore this month's Bible Story using things we have provided in your 'Messy Church craft bag' - or if you haven't got one, be creative and have a look around the house to see if you can find something that will do the same or similar job. Your ideas might be even better!

Palm Leaf Holy Week

You will need:  Wooden palm leaf, picture disks, string, colouring pens or paint
Instructions:  Use pens or paint to colour in your palm leaf and the picture disks. Use the string to attach the pictures to the leaf.
Talk about: What can you see in the different pictures? Discuss the story of Palm Sunday, the last supper, the cross and the resurrection. Do you have any questions about the story? If so please e-mail them to

Tissue Cross

You will need:  Blank sheet of paper, pencil or pen, glue, tissue paper
Instructions:  Draw a cross shape on your piece of paper, it can be any size or design you like. Cut the tissue paper into small pieces and screw them up into balls. Use glue to stick you tissue paper into the cross shape that you have drawn.
Talk about: Jesus came to earth to die on the cross. Sin (living life our own way not following God) separates us from God and the only way to get close to God again is to decide to follow Jesus and live life his way, to ask forgiveness and to allow him to be the boss of our lives from that point on.

Sticker Picture

sticker scene

You will need:  Easter sticker sheet and stickers
Instructions:  Create your own Easter scene using the stickers.
Talk about:  Jesus didn’t just die on the cross and get buried, he was resurrected! That means he came back to life, but he wasn’t a ghost, he had a body, he was still able to eat (he had breakfast on the beach with his friends) and yet he could appear in locked rooms. Incredible! His resurrection was the proof that he is the Christ, the son God, that death is not the end and that we can live with God in this life and after we die!

Easter Egg Hunt
Easter pack
You will need: Easter Egg Pack

Instructions: Ask your parents to hide the eggs and then go on a hunt to find them. Then look through the booklet given in the pack and do the activities.
Talk about: If you could have a new life what would you like it to be like? The bible tells us that if we follow Jesus he will give us a new life where we have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. That sounds pretty good to me, would you like that?


Here’s this month's Celebration. The video contains a  song, a Bible story, a song,  a short talk explaining the story and a prayer.


Eat Together 

Hot Cross Buns.

Tuck in to some hot cross buns (toasted or not).hot cross buns

Mealtime Talk About:
  • Talk about why there is a cross on the bun
  • What did each of you learn in today's Messy Church?