Messy Church at Home 

messy at home 

'Do Not Fear'

Saturday 16th May 2020
Time: Whenever you like!

Venue: At your house


Welcome to our second Messy Church at Home. Today we explore the story of Jairus' daughter being raised from the dead and the woman who had been bleeding for years being healed. It shows us how the life-giving power of God breaks into and works through the everyday details of life. Nothing can stand in the way of God. Jesus wants us to be restored and whole; he is all about healing the broken world and reconciling us to God, who loves us unconditionally. We do not need to be afraid if our hope is in Jesus. He is in control and we can trust him.

How to Use this Page

  • Remember, Messy Church is for ALL AGES so do the activities together as a family and get involved in exploring the theme by discussing the ‘Talk About’ points.
  • Use the ‘Click Here’ links to take you to videos of craft demonstrations and the celebration message and songs.
  • We would love for you to send in photos of you taking part in this Messy Church at Home – please email them to and we will put them up on our church website, Instagram and Facebook.

Bible Story / Reading


Here are ideas to explore the story of Easter using things you’ll easily find at home. If you can’t find the exact things, what could you use instead? Your ideas might be even better!

1. Jairus' house

You will need: corrugated cardboard (eg. Amazon boxes); cardboard (eg. cereal boxes); pencils; sticky tape; scissors; paint and paintbrushes; craft tissue paper; matchboxes.

Watch the video to find out how you could make Jairus' house.

Talk about how difficult it must have been for Jairus' family. Picture Jesus coming into the house, where everyone thought Jairus' daughter was dead, and saying that she was not dead but asleep. 'Little girl, I say to you, get up,' he says. Talk about the joy this family must have felt after this and how hard it must have been to not tell anyone about the miracle.

2. Word Search

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE WORD SEARCH. You can  then print it out.

You will need: a print out of the word search (above). A pen or pencil.

Word's from today's Bible story (Mark 5:12-43) are used in this word search. See if you can find them all.

Talk about how identifying and understanding the words used in the word search can help you relate to the passage next time you hear about it or read it.

3. Obstacle Course

garden obstacle course 500
You will need: various objects to create an obstacle course.

If possible, make your obstacle course in the garden. However, you could use a bedroom or living room.

Try to involve everyone in getting ideas as to which obstacles you could include as well as constructing (and tidying up) the course itself.

Talk about the fact that even though there was a huge crowd surrounding Jesus, the woman was desperate and determined to get to him. She never gave up. The father was also desperate enough to do anything to get Jesus to come and see his daughter. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like everything was pressing in on you? Maybe you had to fight or to struggle your way through a lot of hindrances. It could be at school or your place of work.

4. Prayer Activity

You will need: scraps of white fabric (or white card) to represent Jesus' cloak that the woman touched. Card in different colours; cut-out card figures (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD HERE); textile markers if you are using fabric; fine marker pens; pencils; scissors.

Write a prayer on a piece of white fabric (or card) or on a cut out card figure in your desired colour. It could be a prayer for a friend or a family member who is ill or even a prayer for a miracle in your life. This could be used as a bookmark.

Talk about a time in your life when you thought everything was going wrong. When have you been burdened down by everyday worries of this world? (You might need to explain what this could look like for a child.) Why carry worries around when Jesus asks you to let him have them? Let them go! Are you ready to act in faith> If not, think about what is stopping you and ask God to help you.

5. Smorbrod (Danish Sandwiches)

You will need: rye bread (or brown bread); butter or margarine; lettuce leaves; sandwich fillings (such as meat and/or fish fillets, pate, cheese, egg slices and mayonnaise); garnishes (such as cucumber, tomatoes, radishes and lemon slices); knives; plates.

Butter your slice of bread. Add a leaf of lettuce. Then top with your choice of cold meats, fish, cheese, eggs or pate. Then decorate with garnish. Use your imagination of look at the photo above as inspiration.

Talk about how Jairus' daughter must have been very hungry when she was brought back to life by Jesus. What would be your back-from-the-dead sandwich?


Here’s a great action song - watch the video below and sing along.

Watch an animation of today's Bible story

Now, here’s Matt with some thoughts about today's Bible story. Click here to watch the video.

Eat Together

Don't forget to eat something together!
You could even eat your yummy Smorbrod (Danish sandwiches) from Activity 5.