Please find below an introduction to our church leaders.

Clive Butcher   Fiona Butcher
Clive Butcher - Overseer   Fiona Butcher - Overseer
Mike Forrest   Keith Smith
Mike Forrest - Overseer   Keith Smith - Overseer
I am married to Carol, we have three grown-up children and four grandchildren. My roles at church include: preaching (sometimes), organising the Preaching Club, playing keyboard in the band and helping with Messy Church. I am also Chair of The King's Church trustees. I enjoy reading, photography and visiting the countryside.    
Nick Butler   Sue Butler
Nick Butler - Deacon   Sue Butler - Deacon
    I am married to Nick and we have three grown up sons. I am on the Welcome Team and the Messy Church Team and I enjoy talking to new people. My passion is for making polymer clay jewellery which I sell to help support a charity called Weseehope.
Jane Gathercole   Lesley McChlery
Jane Gathercole - Deacon   Lesley McChlery - Deacon
I support Lesley with Mutual Care, mostly with helping to organise the Barnabas Team. I also support Becky with the Worship Team and am a member of the band - mainly playing guitar and singing and leading sometimes. I love music, full fat coke and cheese & onion crisps. I have one gorgeous daughter.   I am concerned mostly with the Barnabas Team. This is a group of people who have volunteered to pray for the members of our congregation. I help out with the activities at Messy Church and I organise the Hospitality Team rota with the serving of the tea and coffee. I am married with two adult children, one of whom is married with two wonderful little girls, my granddaughters. My passion is teaching little ones and although I've retired from full-time work, I keep my hand in by doing supply teaching.
Matt McChlery   Verity McChlery
Matt McChlery - Deacon   Verity McChlery - Deacon
I am married to Verity and we have two young children. I am in charge of our church's 'Messy Church' and I help to run our church website. I also preach from time to time. I love playing the guitar and listening to music and I sometimes lead the singing on a Sunday. I really enjoy having BBQs in the summer!   I am the church secretary so conduct lots of the behind the scenes admin. I also help with the church's media, IT, and sound and enjoy adding my vocals to the band. I have two small children who keep me busy the rest of the time! I love going out for a meal or to the cinema. 
No Photo icon   Becky Smith
Jackie Nurney - Deacon   Becky Smith - Deacon
I look for nudges from the Holy Spirit and want to encourage everyone that God is closer than we think and He is a good Dad every day. I pop up in different places. I play clarinet a la Eric Morecombe. I enjoy music, bird-watching racquetball, badmington and reading. I have a quirky sense of humour.   I am one of the Worship Deacons. This means, among other things, that I make sure there is music on a Sunday, although that doesn't mean I have to be the one playing it. My aim is to encourage the church to worship God with all their lives, in freedom and truth.  I help in the kitchen at Messy Church and try to lead our church's amature puppet team.  I enjoy reading good books, badmington, food, family and friends plus playing RPG games on the X-Box 360!


Mike Forrest - Chairperson
Anna Smith - Treasurer
Clive Butcher
Keith Smith
Dave Nurney
Fiona Lankfer
Lesley McChlery

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