Please find below an introduction to our church leaders.

Clive Butcher   Fiona Butcher
Clive Butcher - Overseer   Fiona Butcher - Overseer
I work in the church in a variety of roles, as in preaching and teaching, leading meetings and oversight in all other areas. This was once my full time ministry but now half of my working week is as a prison chaplain. I enjoy listening to classical music, brass bands; attempt to play a variety of musical instruments and badminton. I also practise to improve my painting in watercolours.   I oversee mutual care and the Barnabas Team. I also lead group Bible study and sometimes I preach on Sundays, but my main focus is more informal, Biblically based pastoral and discipling ministry on a one-to-one basis. I am married to Clive, with three married children and six grandchildren and I love singing, reading and doing puzzles.
Jane Gathercole   Matt McChlery
Jane Gathercole - Overseer   Matt McChlery - Overseer (Safeguarding Lead)
I oversee the musical expression of our worship as well as help to oversee the mutual care within the church. I am a member of the band - mainly playing guitar and singing and leading sometimes. I love music, full fat coke and cheese & onion crisps. I have one gorgeous daughter.   I am married to Verity and we have three young children. I am in charge of our church's 'Messy Church' and I help with the church's communications which includes the website and social media pages. I am Safeguarding Lead and I also preach from time to time. I love playing the guitar and listening to music and I sometimes lead the singing on a Sunday. I really enjoy having BBQs in the summer!
Keith Smith    
Keith Smith - Overseer    
As one of the Overseers I help to direct the activity of the church. I preach regularly and lead the Games small group. I manage the Ferry Project which is  the Homeless Charity started by The King's Church with the help of Wisbech Churches Together back in 1999. I am married with five grown-up children. I enjoy board games, films (particularly sci-fi), and sport; I used to play but now have to watch most of it!    
Nick Butler   Sue Butler
Nick Butler - Deacon   Sue Butler - Deacon
I am married to Sue and have three grown up sons. Along with my wife, I support and encourage the team of Deacons. I also preach from time to time and help out with Messy Church and the Sunday Celebration. I enjoy running and going for long walks.   I am married to Nick and we have three grown up sons. I am on the Messy Church Team and I enjoy talking to new people. My passion is for making polymer clay jewellery which I sell to help support a charity called Weseehope.
Lesley McChlery   Verity McChlery
Lesley McChlery - Deacon   Verity McChlery - Deacon
I am mainly involved with the Mutual Care of our congregation in the Barnabas Team. This is a group of people who have volunteered to pray for members of our congregation, their families and friends, at their request. I am connected with the Messy Church team and in non-covid19 days did a lot more than I am able to do now! I am married with two grown up children, one of whom is married with three wonderful children, my grandchildren. My passion is people, old, young and in-between!  I teach little ones, the 4 to 6 year olds, and although I am semi-retired, I keep my hand in doing Supply work.   I am the church administrator so conduct lots of the behind the scenes work. I also help with the church's media, IT, and sound and enjoy adding my vocals to the band. I have three small children who keep me busy the rest of the time! I love going out for a meal or to the cinema. 
No Photo icon   Becky Smith
Jackie Nurney - Deacon   Becky Smith - Deacon
I look for nudges from the Holy Spirit and want to encourage everyone that God is good and closer than we realise. I pop up in different places.  I enjoy playing the clarinet, music,  bird-watching, racketball, badminton, reading and friends. My sense of humour is quirky, as is my family.    I am one of the Worship Deacons. This means, among other things, that I make sure there is music on a Sunday, although that doesn't mean I have to be the one playing it. My aim is to encourage the church to worship God with all their lives, in freedom and truth.  I help in the kitchen at Messy Church and try to lead our church's amateur puppet team.  I enjoy reading good books, badminton, food, family and friends plus playing RPG games on the X-Box 360!

Finance Group

Anna Smith - Treasurer
Clive Butcher
Keith Smith
Dave Nurney
Richard Welford
Lesley McChlery
Verity McChlery

Please Note: Our Overseers also occupy the role of the Trustees of our church

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