We use the 'ragged edged' model of church membership which means you decide how much of a 'member' you are and how much you want to get involved. There is no membership form to fill in or swearing in ceremony. You simply decide how much you want to be involved.

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A Ragged-Edged Church: Belonging then Believing

With the ragged-edged model of church membership it implies the following:
  • Membership is less defined
  • There is no distinction between 'members' and 'congregation'. No one is an outsider.
  • All who want to can belong.
  • All who belong are welcomed wherever they are in their journey of faith.
  • In practise there will be different levels of involvement by those who are part of the church
    • A recognised leadership
    • A main core of  those who are seeking to serve and are committed to the church fellowship
    • Those in transition to a greater or lesser commitment
    • Interested visitors
  • Church is experienced as:
    • Where I belong
    • Where I find acceptance and feel at home with Christians
    • Where I can learn about a faith that saves me from sin and condemnation and gives me a new life in Christ
    • Where it is safe for me to be challenged and changed
    • Where I can serve and give
  • Church is expressed as:
    • Being who I am
    • Receiving from the Lord and his people what I am willing to receive
    • Giving to the Lord and his people what I am willing to give

As a church we:

  • Are certain of the faith we proclaim. We hold fast to the teaching of the Bible in life, doctrine and conduct.
  • Believe in the Bible, God's Word to us. It is central to all we teach and do.
  • Respect the God-appointed leaders of the church. They oversee the life of the church, holding people to account, as they themselves are accountable to one another and ultimately to God himself.
  • Are a registered charity in the UK; receive peer support from Churches in Communities; are members of the Evangelical Alliance and locally belong to Wisbech Churches Together.
  • See the necessity for order and discipline to operate in the church.
  • Understand that any who are asked by the appointed leadership to take on and specific leadership role in the church would need to adhere to the following commitments and requirements:
    • Testimony and evidence of a saving faith in Jesus
    • Believing the foundational teaching in the church (see our Belief page)
    • Have been baptised in water as a believer of Jesus
    • Committed to genuine Christian fellowship, interacting with others in a God-honouring way, sharing life, learning to grow together
    • Take appropriate responsibility for the work and witness of the church
    • Finding a ministry role in the fellowship
    • Support the church financially
    • Attends the Sunday morning meeting
    • Involvement with a small group within the church

Affiliations and Associations

Although we are not part of any of the main-stream church denominations we do not exist in isolation and have a number of affiliations and associations with other Christian organisations.

Churches in Communities

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Evangelical Alliance
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Wisbech Churches Together
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