This is STEP 1 of our Growth Path.


Once every 3 months people who are new to church are invited to attend our 'Connect' event.

We get together in a local cafe in town after the Sunday Celebration (at around 11.30 pm) which will last for roughly 30 min to 1 hour. During this time you will be able to meet and chat with some of our church leaders and ask any questions you may have.

Ahead of time you will be sent 3 videos (each lasting approximately 10 min) where we share with you some key information about our church so that you can engage with them in your own time and fit it in around your own schedule and lifestyle. If any questions arise from watching these videos, please ask them at the lunch get together - we would be more than happy to answer them.

As we send the videos ahead of time, and we prepare some food it is essential that you register for the connect event you want to attend. Please Contact Us and send us an email in order to register. Thank you.

There are various leaflets available at every service and at our 'Connect' events that explain certain key elements of how our church works as well as what we believe.

If you would like more detail you are welcome to take a copy of our 'Connect' booklet that is full of information about our church, containing much more detail than what we could possibly squeeze into our lunch together. This booklet is based upon years of welcoming new people to church and it answers a lot of the questions people have. However, if something is not covered, please do ask. It is designed to be a reference booklet, so don't feel you have to read it all from cover to cover - just dip in when you have a question you would like answered.

You can also download the latest edition of our 'Connect' booklet here.

You only need to attend this event once.